Who is Jordan?

Jordan Stevenson is the personification of grit and resilience.

Growing up, Jordan spent his childhood dreaming of the day he'd get to wear the American flag on his sleeve; seeing the attacks of September 11 and the events that would follow only solidified his desire to join the fight. This would lead to 7 years as a U.S NAVY Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician. His final deployment would come in December of 2011.

On December 16, 2011, while deployed with the 75th ARMY Ranger Battalion, Jordan was shot through the left side of his head. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of his team, Jordan was kept alive. Jordan's wounds would put him into an almost 2-month coma. Due to his injuries, medical staff advised his family that if Jordan survived past his coma, he'd be unable to walk again and permanently have difficulty speaking.

With determination and the will to recover Jordan not only survived but is now a thriving example of what’s possible even against unsurmountable odds.

Jordan has regained his ability to talk, but with the paralysis to the right side of his body. Jan 6th, 2016. Jordan elected to amputate his right leg below the knee, after extensive rehabilitation, the amputation of his leg, the constant pain to his leg was eliminated. It also gave  him more mobility and access to the activities he once enjoyed.

After the loss of a former NAVY teammate, Jordan has dedicated his life to being an example to men and woman like him.

“The only way to insure something is impossible is to quit.” — Jordan Stevenson